The Christ the Thinker Walk

A new idea for a walk along a footpath suitable for all abilities, where the thoughts and words of great modern apostles guide the walker to the statue of Christ the Thinker on the top of the Castellazzo mountain. The various messages along the way encourage reflection on the truly fundamental things in life. And what better place could you find than this enchanting corner of the Dolomites.

Vanoi ethnographic path

A journey through time and space to rediscover places once full of life and now more or less abandoned, yet retaining their immense fascination and atmosphere. The circuit consists of 4 ‘anelli’ or circular walks:

  • – the Anello della Val journeys through seasonal village life and the villagers’ religious beliefs.
  • the Anello dei Pradi explores the theme of haymaking and seasonal life in the meadows.
  • the Anello del Bosc looks at the cultivation and exploitation of the woods; and lastly
  • the Anello di Montagna explores haymaking and animal husbandry on the Alpine summer pastures.

The Sounds of the Dolomites

One of the most famous, spectacular events in Trentino, a real carnival of musical, artistic and cultural events, which take place in the most beautiful mountain range in the Alps. Internationally-renowned artists perform in the mountains against unforgettable settings. To see the events taking place in and around San Martino di Castrozza in 2014 go to

And last but not least, a vast summer programme of organised activities and entertainments for our younger guests: “Dolomites Family Fun San Martino di Castrozza”. Come and join us! For further info, click here!.

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Nordic walking

nordic walking